Installation Difficulties
This section deals with common snags to installing VAST Platform on UNIX and ways to overcome the difficulties.
For Linux distributions which useRPM installer, these are the known difficulties in installation.
Not enough disk space for Installation
If there is not enough disk space to install one of the three packages (AdminTools, Client, Manager), you will see an error message from the package manager in the terminal output stating something like:
"installing package vasmalltalk-manager-8.6.2-1 needs 20Mb on the /usr filesystem"
The message does not clearly communicate that the installation will terminate and fail to finish installation.
Free up at least the amount of disk space which appears in the warning message. Restart the installation.
Do you have VAST Platform on your Machine?
If you do, here are some things to consider:
You should upgrade the version of the Environments tool you use
You will want to make VAST Platform 10.0.2 available to the Environments tool so that you can create development environments tailored to your work.
Environments Tool Upgrade
Environment tool is backward compatible in that it recognizes the structure of Installations the particular version of VAST Platform with which it is installed and all prior versions, but not any later versions.
If you use environments, register the new installation
If you have been using Environments to organize your development configurations, you will likely have an Environments data file (environments.dmp) in envroot when you install the VAST Platform product.
In this case, Environments is unaware of your newest installation. This is true whether you are simply adding the most recent VAST Platform or constructing a joint 32-bit 64-bit VAST Platform installation.
Post Installation Action:
You must register it by starting the Environments tool. The new environments will automatically be added to the installation. This will make the new installation visible to Environments by adding the installation location to the Environments data file. They will also be visible from the Installations view in the System Settings. See the section on Managing VAST Platform Installations for details.
32bit/64bit considerations
There are several things to be aware of when installing both 32-bit and 64-bit VAST Platform. Each installation comes with its own Environments tool. Although the installations do not share a code repository a.k.a. library, the Environments tools included with each installation share private files like the data file, environments.dmp..
This situation leads to post installation decisions regarding registering the 32-bit and 64-bit installations with the Environments tool.
If you decide to install 32-bit v10.0.2 on a 64-bit system that already has a 64-bit v10.0.2 installed (or vice versa) you can install just the Client portion of the second installation. The library in the 64-bit install is compatible with the library from the 32-bit install. If you choose this path, then the 32-bit Client installation should be adjusted to recognize the 64-bit v10.0.2 installation as the Manager.
Likewise, whenever you uninstall one of your installations, you should take care not to delete the library (aka Manager.)
See “32bit/64bit Considerations” under Environments Advanced Topics for more details.
Log Files
There are currently no log files for the install. The output comes to the terminal screen where the install/uninstall is taking place. Any errors from the package managers will be reported to the terminal screen as well.
Last modified date: 02/19/2021