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Installing VAST Platform on UNIX
VAST Platform comes with 32 bit and 64 bit product installers using Debian and RPM installation procedures.
Before launching the installer, you should review
Choose either 32 bit or 64 bit product installer for your version of UNIX:
For Ubuntu, Linux Mint and other varieties of Linux which use the debian package manager
VASTPlatform10.0.2x86-linux-debian.tar.gz (32-bit product)
VASTPlatform10.0.2x64-linux-debian.tar.gz (64-bit product).
For Fedora, RedHat, and other varieties of Linux which use the rpm package manager.
VASTPlatform10.0.2-x86linux-rpm.tar.gz (32-bit product)
VASTPlatform10.0.2-x64linux-rpm.tar.gz (64-bit product).
Choose the installation configuration
Installing Standalone aka Typical
Installing a Team Development Library and Admin Tools
Installing a Team Development Client
If the standard install does not suit your needs, try customizing the installation.
UNIX Installation Preparation
New with 9.1 installers, supported versions of Linux need no preparation. The installer loads required packages as part of product installation.
Simple Installation of the 32-bit version of VAST Platform on a 64-bit Linux machine is also possible. The Linux installer automatically takes care of installing the 32-bit version of Motif and its prerequisites (e.g. libc) prior to installing the product.
Library Upgrade
The library update is not automatic. The user must use the Library Importer (importer) to move code from the newly installed manager. This tool can merge new 10.0.2 code into your existing working manager. A log file will be placed into /tmp/importer.log. For more information, see the “Migration Tools” page in the Migration Guide)
Last modified date: 02/19/2021