Installation Guide : Launching VAST Platform with Environments : Advanced Topics and Trouble Shooting
Advanced Topics and Trouble Shooting
The Environments tool takes care of many of the aspects of maintaining an installation. If your installation does not conform to the shipped one, it is possible to adjust the tool settings to accommodate your installation. This section covers several ways in which an installation may deviate from the shipped installation and how to customize the settings for the Environments tool.
You may choose a custom location into which you install VAST Client or Manager, or you may want for the Environments tool to refer to a different location than is the default. If these are true see “Customize settings for the Environments tool” or “Managing Envy Libraries” for how to configure the Environments tool.
Multiple Installations
Environments has the ability to work with development configurations from multiple VAST installations such as v8.0.0 or v8.5.2, 64bit v9.0 or 32bit v9.0.
Simply register your additional VAST installation location(s) with Environments from the Installations view in the System Settings and you will be able to create and manage development configurations based on them as well. See the section on Managing VAST Platform Installations for details.
Working with Pre-8.6.0 Installations
Before registering installations earlier than v8.6.0, you must make a change to the name of the newimage folder so that it follows the installation folder structure of current Installations between 8.6.0 and 8.6.3, which includes the Release number as part of the name. For instance, if you want to register an 8.5.2 installation with Environments, rename the ‘newimage’ folder to ‘newmage852’ before registering the installation.
Why won’t Environments recognize my new installation?
Q: did you register the new version of VASTPlatform / VA Smalltalk when you installed?
A: If not, you can register the new installation by launching the Environments that comes with the installer or you can refer to “Multiple Installations” above.
Why are my Installations invalid?
Q: Is your version of the Environments tool older than the Installation declared invalid?
A: If so you need to upgrade; look at Environments Tool Upgrade .
Q: Is your Installation actually installed?
A: To verify installation, look at the file locations on your Windows or UNIX machine. If you have custominzed the location of any component, verify it is where you expect it.
Last modified date: 02/19/2021