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Developer Day 2022

Wake Technical Community College RTP
10908 Chapel Hill Road
Morrisville, NC 27560, USA
March 11 @ 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Taking IoT Programming to a Higher Level

9:15am to 12:10pm

Join Instantiations and their guest, Toit, as they discuss the need for more productive, higher-level programming experiences for IoT systems. Get first-hand experience with Toit’s object-oriented programming language that’s specifically designed for IoT, and participate in a hands-on demo of this tech with provided ESP32 dev boards and access to Toit’s cloud-based device management platform.
To best prepare for this session, please complete the below setup steps beforehand. All attendees will need their own computer with an available USB-A port.

Questions or issues? Contact us at:
NOTE: Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, session attendance will be limited to around 20 individuals.
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Step 1 — Sign up for the Toit platform

Create a Toit account to use during the hands-on tech demo.

Sign up

(Google and GitHub sign-in options are available.)
Sign up page for Toit

Step 2 — Provide your Toit account email to us

Send us the email that was used to create your Toit account in Step 1. This email will be added as a "user" to a special Toit project, named "RIoT Dev Day", that we'll be working with.

Send your email to

Your email will only be used for this demo, not for marketing or sales purposes.
Toit console example

Step 3 — Install Toit CLI

For this session, we'll only need the CLI (Command Line Interface).

Download software from Toit

Feel free to install the SDK and Visual Studio Code plugin, but they are not necessary for this session.
Toit command line

Step 4 — Install USB serial drivers

These drivers will allow an ESP32 to connect to the Toit platform using a web browser (or the CLI) through a USB interface.

Download drivers

For Windows
"CP210x Windows Drivers"

For Linux
No drivers required

For Mac
"CP210x VCP Mac OSX Driver"
Toit connection over serial usb

Step 5 — Confirm Chrome/Edge is up-to-date

For Toit to connect to an ESP32 from a web browser, a newer version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge must be installed.

Any version greater than version 89 is all that's required.
Google Chrome version

Step 6 — Download a PDF of the slides

Download the slides of the presentation to easily copy and paste commands and follow along.

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We'll see you there!


Together, we can build something great.

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