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See some basics of visual programming
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VA Smalltalk offers an untraditional way of programming: visual programming. With VA Smalltalk, once you create an application and a visual part, you can add the user interface and finish the application in a Composition Editor, doing much of the work with just a mouse.
In the Composition Editor, you just:
1. Select the user-interface parts that you want from the parts palette and drop them on the window shown in the free-form surface.
2. Arrange the parts so the user interface looks the way you want it to.
3. Draw connections between the parts to add function to your application.
To customize the application, you can:
Write Smalltalk scripts that provide function not available through visual programming.
Change the parts' public interface so the parts can interact in a special way with other parts.
Last modified date: 08/12/2019