Change a part's settings
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The settings of a part are its attributes and options. Each visual part has a Properties (settings) window. Using a Properties window, you can set a part's attributes and options. You can also set a part's means of data validation, size, position, acceptance of drag/drop, or associated help file.
To change a part's settings:
1. Open the part's Properties window.
To open the Properties or Settings window of a part, do any of the following:
a. Double-click on the part.
b. Select a part, then select Open Settings from the pop-up menu for the part.
c. Select a part, then select Open Properties tool icon from the tool bar.
2. Change the values in the properties table.
3. The part is updated with the new property value when you change a property's value and click anywhere outside of the value cell for the property you just changed or close the supplementary dialog used to change the part's property.
For information on a part's settings, select the Help button that's in each Properties window.
Last modified date: 04/23/2020