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Add user interface parts to a window
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Once you create an application and a visual part, you can open a Composition Editor on the part and add a user interface. Upon opening, a Composition Editor shows a window in the main work area, the free-form surface.
To add a user interface to your application:
1. Find a user-interface part that you want in the parts palette.
2. Click once on the part to select it.
3. Position your mouse pointer over the window in the free-form surface.
You'll see a crosshair, crosshair symbol, or a not-available sign, not available symbol, when your mouse is over the free-form surface.
A crosshair symbol means that you can drop the part where your mouse is.
A not available symbol means that you cannot drop the part.
Generally, user-interface parts can go onto the window. Parts that don't make up the user interface cannot go onto the window; you must drop them on the free-form surface beside the window.
4. Click once on the window to drop the part.
Last modified date: 08/01/2019