Browse Packaged Images
From the Transcript or Organizer, start the process by selecting Browse Packaged Images or Packaged Images from the Tools menu to open a Packager Control Panel.
When opened, the Packager Control Panel displays either the packaged instructions saved in memory, if previous packaging instructions have been saved, or the initial instruction chooser, from which you can select a new packaging instruction. The active tab at the bottom of the Packager Control Window is Choose Instructions. Packaged images are created from packaging instructions and are maintained from the Packager Control Panel. They do not disappear when the browser is closed; they must be explicitly removed.
You can have several packaged images in progress at the same time. Note, however, that packaged images are large objects, and your development image could be significantly larger because of the packaged images you are working on.
Last modified date: 04/03/2019