Summary of packaging steps
To produce a packaged image, you do the following:
1. Open a Packager Control Panel.
2. Choose existing instructions or create / modify new instructions.
a. If modifying instructions, add applications to be packaged.
b. If modifying instructions, specify how your application is launched.
c. If modifying instructions, modify or accept the default policies used for reducing, dumping, and finding problems in the packaged image.
3. Perform Reduce step to find unused components.
4. Examine packaging problems.
a. Optionally, alter the contents of the image using the Image Contents Browser.
5. Fix packaging problems and reduce again, if necessary.
6. If creating or modifying instructions, save your packaging instruction.
7. Perform Output Image to produce the output image, whether reduced runtime image or image component (IC).
8. Close the packager control panel.
If you are going to create new or alter existing packaging instructions, you should make sure the ENVY Application containing those instructions is an open edition in the development image BEFORE opening the packager.
Best practice is not to save the development image after the packager control panel has been opened.
Last modified date: 07/18/2019