Advanced packaging: The process
Starting with a clean development image, the basic steps to packaging are as follows.
Launch a clean development image.
Prepare an application for new packaging instructions – or– load existing packaging instructions.
Note: If you are going to create new or alter existing packaging instructions, you should make sure the ENVY Application containing those instructions is an open edition in the development image before opening the packager.
Load the application. If it loads without error, continue packaging.
Save the image.
Exit the development image without saving.
If you created or modified the packaging instructions, re-launch the development image, and load and version your packaging application.
It is possible that an application may have more than one set of packaging rules depending on the environment in which the packaged image is expected to run. Therefore, best practice to keep Packager instructions for a configuration map in a separate application with a similar name. For instance, if the Configuration Map is Hello Word then the packaging instructions should be in the Application: HelloWorldPackagingInstructionsApp
The packaging instructions should be generated in the class named the following depending on the target environment in which the package will run and considerations about how small the footprint needs to be and whether the application is headless:
Last modified date: 04/29/2019