Adding variable declarations
To complete the class, declare its variables:
1. With Source selected, change the class definition for ScreenPMCapture or ScreenWinCapture as follows:
a. Add the instance variables
shell state countDown gc captureMode rectangle widgetMan radio
countLabel buttons frame text
b. Add the pool dictionaries
CgConstants CwConstants CfsConstants
2. With your mouse positioned over the description pane, pop up the menu.
3. Select Save from the menu.
To make the screen capture tool functional, you must implement its methods. Example: Implementing methods for ScreenPMCapture and ScreenWinCapture describes how to do this.
If you plan on completing the examples in Defining lineups for multiple platforms, you might now copy the class, but name it ScreenPMCapture or ScreenWinCapture. Or, after you implement methods for the class you just created, file out the class and its methods, rename the class and change the platform-specific method in the filed out code; then file the changed code into your image. Example: Renaming a class and changing its methods illustrates how you might do this.
Last modified date: 10/13/2017