Smalltalk User Guide : Making your own applications : Using TrailBlazer browsers
Using TrailBlazer browsers
This chapter introduces you to the TrailBlazer--multifunction development browsers that come with the product as an installable feature. A TrailBlazer offers you the convenience of being able to create and manage applications without having to open a series of windows.
This chapter does not cover the TrailBlazer in depth. It provides examples showing how to create applications using the browsers. But exploring the TrailBlazer is not difficult and, on your own, you can readily discover what services they offer.
When using the TrailBlazer, remember that you must use pop-up menus to perform many development activities. This is different from the standard browsers, which offer you the choice of using pull-down menus or pop-up menus. To view the pop-up menus in the TrailBlazer, position the cursor over the pane whose contents you want to act on; then press mouse button two.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015