Smalltalk User Guide : Making your own applications
Making your own applications
The chapters listed below describe how to create components using the Smalltalk development environment:
These chapters provide the basic steps you complete to create your own applications. They also provide several examples that illustrate how you apply the basic steps to create these five applications:
A window named Applications from which you can open other applications
A timer that displays elapsed time
An ASCII editor
A program that appends to a file the time taken to do activities
A screen capture tool that creates BMP files
After you finish the examples, opening an instance of DevelopChooser displays the following:
C:\Users\documentation\Documents\vastePublisher\stable\VAS Documentation Word\images\sg\tpchoos2_ScreenCapture.png
From DevelopChooser, you can open one of the other applications by selecting a name and then selecting Open or by double-clicking on a name in the list box.
Last modified date: 03/13/2019