Installing the Documentation
We recommend accessing the Installation Guide using the online documentation, or installing the documentation locally before you install VAST Platform itself.
The root directory of local VAST documentation (here referred to as helproot) is
To install, create /usr/local/VASTPlatform/Documentation if it is not present, download VASTPlatform2021_Documentation-10.0.2.tar.gz , move it to /usr/local/VASTPlatform/Documentation and decompress it being sure to keep the directory structure. The documentation will be created in helproot. The VAST documentation is available locally.
To open the local documentation, you can use a file browser to navigate to <helproot> and double-click on the index.html, or you can launch the local documentation by opening an Internet browser on the index file under helproot e. g.
Setting up Local Help
Online help facilities are provided with VAST. Developers can access context specific “Basic Help” and “How do I” hints while using the IDE. (See “Basic Help” and “How Do I” for its contents.) By default, the help is web-based. No action need be taken to use basic help in this configuration.
However, the user can choose to access a locally installed copy. Here is how to do it.
Locate the abt.ini file for that development image which you want to refer to the local copy of the Basic Help and How Do I.
In that abt.ini file, find the [Help] stanza. In that stanza, HelpDocs records the helproot, i.e. the location of the online help facilities. The first example below is the web-based location. The second shows a sample default location of the local copy. For more on exactly where the documentation is installed, see “Installing the Documentation” above.
In the [Help] stanza there is also HelpRootDirectory entry which records the location of help mapping files. Mapping files associate the help of particular browsers with pages in Basic Help. This location is part of the product install. The product installation is in the default location, there is no need to alter this.
If you moved the product installation, varoot, you will need to change HelpRootDirectory to the help directory under varoot.
That’s it. Once these changes are in place, the development image will be able to access local Basic Help.
Basic help uses the default internet browser to display help pages. If your operating system has not already specified this, you will need to (possibly install and) specify an Internet browser. One way to do this is through the browser variable in the Help clause. For instance,
browser= firefox
Last modified date: 02/20/2021