Installation Preparation
Before beginning the installation of VAST Platform, do the following:
If VAST Platform or its former form, VA Smalltalk, is already installed on the local machine:
1. If EMSRV is running, stop EMSRV.
2. Stop any running VAST images.
3. If Environments is running, stop Environments.
4. If you are using VAST on a DBCS system, you must use the ABTRULES.DBC file instead of the default US-English ABTRULES.NLS provided by the system. The ABTRULES.DBC file contains additional codepage conversion tables needed for the DBCS environment. You can find this file in the installed product’s NLS directory. Back up the ABTRULES.NLS file to ABTRULES.BAK, and then rename ABTRULES.DBC to ABTRULES.NLS.
Display Resolution for DBCS machines
To ensure all information is displayed on your computer, we encourage you to use the highest resolution offered by your display terminal.
Last modified date: 02/19/2021