Installation Guide : Launching VAST Platform with Environments
Launching VAST Platform with Environments
This section describes how to create a development environment based on the VAST Client installation using the Environments tool and then how to launch the developer image.
Environments is a tool for creating and organizing multiple VAST development configurations, different images configured and saved with their supporting files. Such a configuration is referred to as an environment. Developers typically keep multiple customized environments for different projects. Environments allows you to work with all of them from a single user interface.
Environments will create a directory in which to store your images and supporting files. Each time you create an environment, the tool will copy all necessary files from the Client installation into a subdirectory of Environment’s root development folder.
Environments has plenty of built-in help via hover help. Most buttons and fields have help available. Just hold your mouse over the control; a bubble will pop up with information on it. You start the Environments tool using one of the shortcuts created during VAST Client installation:
Windows option #1: VAST Platform 2021 Environments 10.0.2x86 (VAST Platform Environments 10.0.2x64) shortcut on the Desktop
Windows option #2: Start>All Programs> VAST Platform 2021> VAST Platform 2021 Environments 10.0x86 (Start>All Programs> VAST Platform 2021> VAST Platform 2021 Environments 10.0.2x64) in the Start menu
UNIX option #1: run vasetup_1002x86 (vasetup_1002x64) from the command line
UNIX option #2: Enter ./environments from the command line while in the environments directory under varoot where varoot is the location of the product installation.
UNIX option #3: run vast from the command line. This is the shortcut to the vasetup of the most recently installed VAST Platform, e.g. vasetup_1002x64.
Once you have launched Environments, you can
Installation Considerations
If your VAST Client installation is configured to connect to the library using EMSRV, EMSRV must be configured and started before any environment created by the Environments tool can open its development image. To configure and start EMSRV for Windows, see “EMSRV for Windows”.
If you have changed the way you access the library (mgr1002.dat) or changed the library location from when you installed VAST Platform, you should update the abt.ini file located in the newimage folder before starting up Environments. See “Windows Reconfiguration and Startup” for more information.
Last modified date: 04/07/2021