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Installing a Team Development Library and Admin Tools
The library holds your Smalltalk source code. The VAST library and admin tools will be installed on your local machine when you select the “Manager” Install type during installation. This section describes how to install just the Manager components.
The Manager Install needs to be run just once, by a system administrator on a server accessible by those application programmers who will be using VAST Platform. Once the Manager is installed on a network server, developers connect using EMSRV for team programming. To understand where components are placed, consult file locations.
To install the VAST Manager, do the following:
Run the downloaded VAST Platform product installer.
1. Read the License Agreement. If you agree to the terms and conditions, select the radio button “I accept the Terms”. Otherwise, select “I do not accept the Terms” to decline and exit the installation program.
2. On the Installation Type screen, select “Custom”, and click Next to continue.
3. On the Custom Setup Panel, deselect the “Client” Feature by right clicking on its icon and selecting “This feature will not be available” from the popup menu. If you do not have enough space for the installation, you must make enough space available before you can continue.
Click Next to continue.
4. Verify that all of the information is correct. Then click Next and give the installer administrative privileges to finish the installing VAST Manager.
5. All files for the Manager andAdmin Tools will be copied to the varoot directory. The library (the Manager) will also be installed in the mgrroot .
6. When the installation is complete, check the View Readme checkbox if you want to view the readme.txt file and click Finish to end the install program.
You do not need to reboot your machine after installation.
Library Permissions
On Windows, the library is installed with full access for administrators and the Users user group. An administrator will need to manually create permissions for other users and /or user groups.
EMSRV Requirement
You must set up and start EMSRV after you install the Manager. Clients cannot connect to the library until EMSRV is running.
Be sure to use the following good development practices with EMSRV:
Backup the library file regularly.
Run library statistics utilities on a regular basis to ensure the integrity of the manager file.
Once the installation is set up to use EMSRV, protect the library file so that only EMSRV has permission to write to it.
To check the consistency of a manager library, Load the configuration map ENVY/MANAGER Library Utilities and use the method EmLibraryStatistics(class)>>checkConsistencyOf: to get a report written to the Transcript. The argument is the full path of the manager library including the server name. To generate a consistency report on the current default library, enter:
EmLibraryStatistics checkConsistencyOf: EmLibrary default.
To set up and start EMSRV for Windows, see the following sections:
Your next step is to launch Environments.
Last modified date: 02/24/2021