Installation Guide : EMSRV for Windows : Starting EMSRV for Windows from the command line
Starting EMSRV for Windows from the command line
Perform the following steps to start EMSRV for Windows from the command line:
1. Change directory to the directory containing the EMSRV executable (as specified previously in Setting up EMSRV for Windows).
2. At the command line, enter emsrv with the desired parameters (see EMSRV Startup options).
For example, at the command line enter:
emsrv -u EMSRVUSER -p swordfish -W d:\path
This command does the following:
Loads EMSRV with EMSRV account name EMSRVUSER and password swordfish
Sets the working directory to d:\path. The working directory is where EMSRV writes a log file.
Do not attempt to start EMSRV using a path-qualified executable name such as d:\vast\bin\emsrv since the program will not start because EMSRV uses the presence of the path information to indicate that it is running as a service.
Last modified date: 06/28/2019