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Report Line attributes
The Report Line part has the following attributes associated with it:
The backgroundColor attribute is the name of the RGB color for the background of the part.
You cannot change the background color of a column. This attribute is ignored for the Container Details Column part. This attribute is also ignored for a report viewer.
The fontName attribute is the name of the font to use for the text displayed in the part.
The foregroundColor attribute is the name of the RGB color for the foreground of the part.
The keepTogether attribute indicates whether or not all lines in the part need to be kept on the same page. When true, all lines are kept together; when false, page breaks are allowed in the part.
The pageBreak attribute indicates whether or not to place a manual page break before the part. Then true is selected, a page break is inserted before the part; when false is selected, the part is printed on the current page.
The self attribute represents the part itself, and you cannot change the basic definition of a part. In general, the self attribute is a read-only attribute, and is used for passing a value or values to another part. It is not used for receiving any values.
For example, you can connect the self attribute of an Ordered Collection part to the items attribute of a List part. The Ordered Collection part does not change to a different type of part because of the connection. Instead, the Ordered Collection part populates the List part with the items that it contains.
You can use the self attribute in an attribute-to-attribute connection, as a parameter in an event-to-action connection, or wherever an attribute can be used.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015