Character Customize fields
In the Minimum field, type the lower limit for the range of values that will be accepted as valid.
In the Maximum field, type the upper limit for the range of values that will be accepted as valid.
Case conversion
Under Case conversion, select one of the following ways user input is to be converted:
Default value
Under Default value, specify how you want the default value to appear:
Specify that you want to use a default value for the field.
Value to use
Type the default value you want to use for the field.
For a part that receives direct user input (such as a text entry field), the value specified in the Value to use field is used only if a user interacts with the field but leaves it empty. If the field never receives input focus, its value remains nil.
Use the Preview fields to preview how the current settings values affect the object that will be created based on the input value. The area to the right of the text entry field shows how the text in that field is converted into the appropriate data type based upon the current settings.
If the displayed value is wider than the display area, use the left arrowor right arrowbutton to scroll the contents.
Last modified date: 08/17/2018