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Report Printer attributes
The Report Printer part has the following attributes associated with it:
The printerDisplay attribute represents the currently selected printer.
The printerDisplayName attribute represents the name of the printer driver for the current printer.
The printerJobAttributes attribute represents the print job attributes as defined in the printer setup window.
The requestedPageNumbers attribute refers to the page numbers selected for printing in the print selection dialog.
The self attribute represents the part itself, and you cannot change the basic definition of a part. In general, the self attribute is a read-only attribute, and is used for passing a value or values to another part. It is not used for receiving any values.
For example, you can connect the self attribute of an Ordered Collection part to the items attribute of a List part. The Ordered Collection part does not change to a different type of part because of the connection. Instead, the Ordered Collection part populates the List part with the items that it contains.
You can use the self attribute in an attribute-to-attribute connection, as a parameter in an event-to-action connection, or wherever an attribute can be used.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015