Report Viewer actions
The Report Preview part has the following actions associated with it:
The contentsHelp action requests that the contents of the help file for the part be displayed.
The destroyPart action destroys the part and its children, and releases all associated resources. You can use this action for both visual and nonvisual parts. All connections to the destroyed part are removed.
The disable action makes the part unavailable for selection.
The enable action makes the part available for selection.
The help action requests that the general help associated with the part be displayed. General help is the main help panel associated with the part. You usually access general help through a help button on a window. From the general help panel you can access other help panels (such as menu and field help).
The helpForHelp action requests that help for help be displayed. The help for help panel provides instructions for using a help system. You usually access this help panel from the Help menu. It can contain information such as the structure and organization of the help library.
The helpIndex action requests that the help index be displayed. The help index lists key words or phrases that, when selected, link you to the help panel that explains the word or phrase.
The hide action makes the part invisible.
The keysHelp action requests that the keys help be displayed. The keys help panel explains the function and use of certain keyboard keys in an application.
The refresh action updates the report information in the Report Preview with new or updated information from the report part it contains.
The setFocus action sets input focus to the part. Focus determines whether or not keyboard input is directed to the part.
The setFocus action acts differently depending on which part is receiving the action. For example, if you connect the setFocus action to a Window part, the window comes to the foreground and is the active window. Or, if you connect the setFocus action to a Textpart in a window, the cursor is moved to this field.
The show action makes the part visible.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015