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Who this book is for
This book is written for VA Smalltalk visual application developers. If you are not already familiar with developing VA Smalltalk applications from parts, refer to Getting Started, Smalltalk User Guide and the Visual Programming User Guide. These books provide an introduction to the concepts involved in object oriented programming, Visual programming and using the VA Smalltalk tools.
The following are some of the specific tasks you need to be able to do:
Create new applications and add visual parts to them.
Create a user interface for an application. Some of the parts used in the sample application in this book include drop-down lists, container details, and pop-up menus.
Work with the following parts in the Models category: object factories, ordered collections, and variables.
Connect to a database and construct database queries.
Write simple scripts in the Script Editor.
Promote a part's features to its public interface.
Last modified date: 07/25/2020