Reports Information : About this book
About this book
This book provides instructions for the Reports feature. The Reports feature enables you to generate printed reports from streams, collections, database result tables, or other iterable objects. It supports color and black-and-white printing from an Windows environment.
This book contains the following sections:
The VA Smalltalk Reports feature introduces you to Reports
Creating a simple report introduces you to creating reports with VA Smalltalk
Creating a reporting application leads you through creating a user interface for the sample reporting application
Creating the report part leads you through creating a report part for the sample reporting application
Adding print and preview support to your application leads you through the process of preparing your sample reporting application for previewing and printing
Other report functions explains some additional reporting functions you can add to your application
VA Smalltalk Reports messages lists messages for the VA Smalltalk Reports feature
Last modified date: 10/05/2020