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Locales and platform representation
The concept of a locale defined by language and territory provides a platform-independent method of specifying international language-dependent settings. NLS functions translate the VA Smalltalk locale names to platform values as illustrated in the following figure:
Locales translated to platform values
The following sections detail the mapping from VA Smalltalk locale definitions to platform values and discuss items of interest for each supported platform. Although you normally do not need to map locale descriptions onto platform values, this section illustrates the source of some platform limitations.
When platforms do not have a one-to-one match with all of the formatting information maintained by LCCollate, LCCType, LCMonetary, LCMessages, LCNumeric, LCTime, and Locale, these methods are initialized with English U.S. values. Manual localization describes methods that you can use to override values obtained from the platform, or to configure locale-specific values on platforms that do not provide the information.
Last modified date: 12/22/2017