Manual localization
Methods are provided to access and change the state information of LCCollate, LCMonetary, LCMessages, LCNumeric, LCTime, and Locale objects. In particular, the following methods are provided to enable you to perform further localization by manually setting the values of various fields. This can be used to override values obtained from the platform, or to configure locale-specific values on platforms that do not provide the information.
Some platforms do not have a one-to-one match with all of the formatting information maintained by LCCollate, LCCType, LCMonetary, LCMessages, LCNumeric, LCTime, and Locale. To prevent an error, a universal policy forces initialization of such variables to U.S. English. A description of values that cannot be obtained from the platform, and their default values, is presented in Locales and platform representation.
Last modified date: 12/22/2017