Example: Change fonts
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Suppose you have the following window that uses the default font for its Label parts:
Labels with default font
To change the Label parts so they use the named fonts:
1. Select Fonts from the Options menu.
2. In the displayed Font Selection window, select one of the named fonts from the drop-down lists. For example, select courier from Family, 10 from Size, and bold from Style.
3. Select OK.
4. Place your mouse pointer (Font pen) over the Courier 10 bold label, and click mouse button 1.
5. Repeat the above steps for the remaining labels using three different fonts. For example:
a. Arial 14 medium
b. Symbol 16 medium
c. Times New Roman 12 bold
After you change the fonts, the window resembles the following:
Changed fonts
Last modified date: 08/01/2019