Change a part's fonts
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You can change a visual part's font. That is, you can change the typeface (or family), point size, and style of text shown on a visual part.
To change a font:
1. Go to a Composition Editor.
2. Select Fonts from the Options menu.
3. In the displayed Font Selection window, select a font from the drop-down lists. For example, for an averaged-sized, serif font, select tms rmn from Family and 10 from Size.
A sample of the font you've selected is shown in the lower pane. For example, for a monospace font selection, it shows something similar to the following:
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy sleeping dog
4. Select OK.
5. The Font Selection window closes and, when your mouse pointer is over a visual part, Font penis shown instead of the usual mouse pointer.
6. Click on the text whose font you want to change.
Last modified date: 08/01/2019