Example: Add user interface parts
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Suppose you have a visual part named DirectoryView, for which you want to add the following user interface:
Direcotry view user interface
To define this user interface, first, add a push button to the empty window in the Composition Editor:
1. Select Buttons category icon(Buttons category) and Push Button icon(Push Button part) from the parts palette. After you select them, the status line along the bottom of the editor shows: Category: Buttons Part: Push Button
2. Click on the upper-right of the window. This adds the push button.

Window with push button
Next, add the other parts. You'll need:
Text Text iconin the Data Entry category icon category
PushButton xx in yy category
Multiple Select List Multiple Selece list icon in the Lists category icon category
After you add the parts, the window resembles:

Window with parts
"Example: Change a part's settings" explains how to change the parts' settings.
Last modified date: 03/28/2020