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Creating applications--The basic steps
To create an application component, you complete these basic steps:
1. Open an Application Manager or Applications Browser.
2. From the Applications menu, select Create > Application. A window is displayed, prompting you to name the new application.
3. Type the name of the application. The name must begin with a capital letter. Also, the name must be unique within your image; that is, no other application, class, or global variable existing in your image can have the name you specify.
4. Click on OK or press Enter. A window is displayed, listing the available prerequisite applications for your new application. The default prerequisite is the application Kernel.
5. Select the prerequisite applications; then click on OK.
As the creator of this application edition, you are its manager. Because you are the application manager, you can specify its group members. You can also set access privileges that, for instance, prevent users of the library who are not group members from accessing the source code.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015