PlatformLibrary name mappings stanza
The [PlatformLibrary Name Mappings] stanza in the .INI file allows you to declaratively map the logical names of shared libraries to their physical names. This approach handles platform dependencies in a simpler fashion than the alternative PlatformLibrary class>>#mapLogicalName:toPhysicalName: programmatic approach to do this mapping, and also allows the mappings to be changed without changing code, so it is the preferred way to do the mappings.
Because the keyword values are not fixed, this stanza is not processed using the Preference Setting Framework.
This stanza is required at development time.
In some cases, this stanza is optional at runtime. It is always needed if you start your runtime from an IC, or if you are dynamically loading ICs that have associated shared libraries. If you generate your runtime image from a development image whose ini file settings for PlatformLibrary are the same as those required at runtime, the stanza is not required at runtime.
For a headless runtime, the PlatformLibrary stanza is always required.
Value type: Shared object physical name string
Default value: None
Installation value: not specified
Setter: PlatformLibrary initializeNameMappings
Last modified date: 01/16/2020