.INI file contents
The follow pages detail many of the preference settings held in the .ini file. You will notice that some preference settings that you see in the .ini file are not described here. These settings are generally associated with optional features of VAST Platform and you should refer to the portion of the documentation associated with the feature to see a description of the preference settings for that feature.
In the following pages you will see some preference setting values described like this: $TARGERDIR\bitmapPath. $TARGETDIR is shorthand for the VAST Platform installation directory, commonly
C:\Program Files\Instantiations\VASTPlatform\11.0.0x86 for the 32-bit Windows product
C:\Program Files\Instantiations\VASTPlatform\11.0.0x64 for the 64-bit Windows product
/usr/local/VASTPlatform/11.0.0x86 for the 32-bit UNIX product
/usr/local/VASTPlatform/11.0.0x64 for the 64-bit UNIX product.
Last modified date: 02/11/2021