Feature Load stanza
The [AbtCommonProductInstallerApp] stanza of the .ini file contains parameters used to control the loading of VAST Platform features.
fplevel= number
Value type: Integer Range (0 – 9)
Default value: 0
Installation value: constant value corresponding to the product fixpack level
Setter: AbtFeatureLoader class>>fixpackLevel:
This parameter controls which features are shown in the Load/Unload Features… dialog from the Tools menu.
installationPath= Directory pathname
Value type: Directory name string
Default value: ..\features\ (Windows) or ../features/ (Unix)
Installation value: $TARGETDIR\features (Windows) or $TARGETDIR/features (Unix)
Setter: AbtFeatureLoader class>>featureDirectory:
This parameter identifies the directory holding Feature Control (.ctl) files used in loading features from VisualAge Smalltalk V5.0 and earlier. These features were held in individual code repositories identified by the Feature Control files.
Last modified date: 02/11/2021