CommonGraphics stanza
The [CommonGraphics] stanza of the .ini file controls access to bitmap, icon, and image files.
bitmapPath= Directory names
Value type: Array of directory name strings
Default value: empty array (#())
Installation value: $TARGETDIR\bitmaps,$TARGETDIR\bitmaps\icons,$TARGETDIR\bitmaps\resources,$TARGETDIR\bitmaps\pngfiles (Windows)
$TARGETDIR/abt,$TARGETDIR//bitmaps,$TARGETDIR//bitmaps/icons,$TARGETDIR//bitmaps/resources,$TARGETDIR/bitmaps/pngfiles (Unix)
where $TARGETDIR is the installation directory.
Setter: CgScreen class>>#bitmapPath:
This parameter specifies one or more directories that contain graphics or other files needed for your applications.
Last modified date: 02/11/2021