Unlinking all instances of a specific method
Prior to executing the code in any of these examples, load packaging instructions and create an instance of EaComponentMapManager called ComponentMaps by executing Step 1 of Example: Unloading an application and its subapplications.
You can instruct ENVY/App to remove a specific method when unloading components into an image component file or byte array. You use the method unlinkMethods: as shown in the following code fragment:
"Step 2: Unlink addApplicationsToList and unload the resulting code into removed.ic."
| result |
(result := ApplicationDumper new)
dumpApplications: (Array with: Chooser);
unlinkMethods: (Array with: Chooser>>#addApplicationsToList);
dumpIntoFileNamed: 'removed.ic' path: '.' using: ComponentMaps.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015