Smalltalk User Guide : Packaging, unloading, and analyzing code : Unloading ENVY/App image components
Unloading ENVY/App image components
The system has a tool, called ENVY/App, that dumps application components into an image component. Methods are linked at load time without the use of the compiler; this results in a significant speed savings and permits the omission of the compiler classes from the final product.
ENVY/App can transfer applications, subapplications, classes, methods, and variables. It can transfer together any combination of components. This means that you can transfer one method or many large applications to an image component file or to a byte array.
ENVY/App has a component map manager, which maintains a collection of component maps representing the available image components. The component map manager determines what component maps are prerequisites for the image component being created.
During a load, ENVY/App links compiled methods and their references with the current state of an image. This enables you to transfer an application from one runtime image to another. It adds the initializeAfterLoad and loaded methods run during a load to an image component. You can configure an image component to run a method immediately after a load.
For VA Smalltalk, ENVY/App comes pre-loaded.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015