Unlinking all instances of a specific class
To save space in a runtime image, you often remove classes held in your development image. This can lead to difficulties loading applications unloaded from a development image into a runtime image.
For example, suppose you remove the class EmTimeStamp from a runtime image. When you unload applications from the development image, ENVY/App includes instances of EmTimeStamp in the image component file or byte array because they are referenced by the objects being unloaded. You cannot then load this file or byte array because the runtime image does not hold a class definition for EmTimeStamp.
To prevent this from happening, you can instruct ENVY/App to remove instances of a class when it creates a file or byte array. You use the method unlinkInstancesOfClasses: contained in ApplicationDumper to have ENVY/App remove the instances.
You cannot retrieve these instances once they are removed. The effects of implementing unlinkInstancesOfClasses: are cumulative, persistent, and cannot be undone. To prevent ENVY/App from removing the instances in later unloads, create a new instance of ApplicationDumper.
Last modified date: 05/19/2020