Unloading specific components
Using ENVY/App, you can unload
Applications and their subapplications separately
Compiled methods
In order to unload properly, ENVY/App must have packaging instructions. Exactly which packages are required depends on the code being unloaded. Commonly used packages include
ENVY/Packager IC Instructions
VisualAge IC Instructions
Server Smalltalk - IC Instructions
The examples in this section rely on packaging instructions found in packaging instructions found in the configuration map “ENVY/Packager IC Instructions” .Before starting these examples, load the configuration map into your image.
To complete the examples in this section you must first create an instance of EaComponentMapManager before unloading code. Step 1 of Example: Unloading an application and its subapplications shows how to create the instance.
To enhance the effectiveness of the system's change control, unload versions of applications and classes only.
The methods described in this section (dumpApplications:, dumpClasses:, and so on) add the unloaded components to an instance of ApplicationDumper. You cannot remove these components from the instance once they are added. Repeated use of the methods adds new components to those existing in the instance; it does not overwrite the components. To unload different components, you must create a new instance of ApplicationDumper.
Last modified date: 05/19/2020