Example: Running DevelopChooser
This example describes how to run the application DevelopChooser, which you packaged when completing the steps in Example: Running the packager.
The procedure for running your packaged image is the same whether it was packaged from the Application Manager or the Configuration Map Browser.
Running your packaged image described in general how to set up a proper context to run a packaged image and then to run the packaged image within that context. Refer to that page for any particulars of choosing your context and establishing it omitted on this page. Remember, DevelopChooser is a user application with a user interface.
Given a packaged image, the steps to run it are
1. Get an .ini file, copy it to the same directory as the image and rename this .ini file to match the image.
2. Open a command terminal.
3. Launch the packaged image.
To run a packaged image in the default directory using the .ini file of the development image, nodialog –iepappl –ini:abt.ini.
However, if you pause to setup an intentional context for your runtime image, you will reap benefits.
Last modified date: 07/17/2019