Simple packaging
This section describes the simple packaging process. You learn how to:
Package an uncomplicated application
Run your packaged application
The packager allows you to package uncomplicated applications by following several easy steps. This simplified packaging process does not require you to have the level of Smalltalk knowledge required for the advanced packaging process.
The simple process packages your application as a stand-alone runtime image. This process does not cause any side effects to your development image. The process is transient: no classes or applications are created, and no record is made that the package was produced (except for statistics files created on disk). Because nothing reuseable is created, you must repeat the same packaging steps to package the application again.
The packaging steps are:
1. Select your application(s) or configuration map edition(s) from a browser.
2. Select the Package menu option from that browser.
3. Specify how your application launches.
In a few minutes the packager creates your packaged image.
Last modified date: 03/14/2019