Adding a user object to a library list
You must be a library supervisor to add a new user object to a library's list of team members who can use the library.
To add a user object, do the following:
1. From the Tools menu, select System > Users > Create. If you are using TrailBlazer, select All Users from the left pane drop-down list. Then select Create from the pop-up menu.
A window opens, prompting you for information on the new user.
2. Type the user's unique name (top field), full name (middle field), and network name (bottom field).
Unique Name
Any unique value. You might give a logon ID or an employee number.
Full Name
The name the system displays in a list of users authorized to use the library. It is case sensitive.
Network Name
The user's network logon ID.
3. Select OK. A user object for the developer is added to the library's list.
If you give a user's name that is not unique, a warning window is displayed and the team member is not added to the library's list. If this occurs, repeat step 2, this time supplying a unique user's name.
Last modified date: 05/19/2020