Giving users access to libraries
This section describes how a library supervisor gives a team member access to a library.
Library supervisors maintain a list of user objects for each library they supervise. Each list names who can use the specified library.
By defining a user object for a team member in a library's list, the library supervisor gives that team member access to, and full use of, the library.
The name given for each user object must be unique. Further, before a library supervisor can give a team member access to a library, the team member must have access to the network where the library resides.
This section also describes how to change the user object for your image. Depending on how your library is set up, you might be able to become the library supervisor and complete administrative tasks. Or, you might be able to become one of your team members. Then, when you have completed tasks that only that user can perform, change back to your own user object.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015