Defining application lineups: The process and preconditions
Though there are many ways to configure applications, the typical process that you might use for configuring applications into platform-specific lineups is as follows:
Configuring applications
Some words of advice on defining application lineups:
Only define special lineups when components in your applications are platform-specific. You can define lineups which specify expressions that test for any number of conditions. But, when you do so, you make it harder to maintain your applications.
Specify Boolean expressions that test to true for only one condition. That is, for applications that have OS/2 and Windows lineups, only the expression for the OS/2 lineup should test to true when the product is running on an OS/2 system.
To define a lineup for an application, these conditions must exist:
The application must be an edition.
You must be the manager of the containing application.
Each subapplication in the lineup must be an edition or a version. It cannot be a scratch edition.
Provided these conditions exist, you can define application lineups by completing steps illustrated in the following example.
Last modified date: 10/13/2017