Application lineups
An application lineup typically specifies what configuration of prerequisites and subapplications an application requires for a platform.
For example, an application lineup might specify that an application (AppA) contain three subapplications:
Contains classes usable on OS/2 and Windows platforms
Contains OS/2-specific classes
Contains Windows-specific classes
It also might specify that AppA name AppOS2 as a prerequisite for OS/2 systems and AppWin as a prerequisite for Windows systems.
An application can have one or more lineups. Each lineup matches one Smalltalk Boolean expression to a pair of configurations: one for the prerequisites that must exist in an image before the application can load, and one for the subapplications that must load into an image along with the application. The default lineup expression is true, meaning that prerequisites and subapplications (if any) are not platform-dependent.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015