Replacing application editions or versions
To replace the application currently in a configuration map with a different edition or version of that application (or release a different edition or version), do the following:
1. Open a Configuration Maps Browser, or a TrailBlazer on Configuration Maps.
2. From the list of configuration maps, select the configuration map to which you want to release the application.
3. Select the edition of the configuration map.
4. For a Configuration Maps Browser, from the list of applications, select the application edition or version that you want to replace. You can replace editions or versions of more than one application at a time. To select more than one, press the Ctrl key while you select the applications.
5. For a Configuration Maps Browser, from the Applications menu, select Release Other. For each selected application edition, a window is displayed, listing all editions and versions of the application.
6. For a Configuration Maps Browser, for each window, select an application to replace the one currently in the configuration map; then select OK or press Enter. The applications are released to the configuration map.
7. For TrailBlazer, select the application in the lower left list that you want to replace. The editions and versions of that application will appear in the lower right list.
8. For TrailBlazer, select the new edition or version from the lower right list. Select Release. The new edition or version will replace the previous one.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015