Releasing components
This chapter describes how to release components to containing components.
When you release a component, you do one of the following (but not both):
Replace a component currently in a containing component with a different edition or version. For example, you replace a version of a class currently in an application with a different version of that class.
Add a new component to a containing component. For example, you add a subapplication to an application.
The figure below illustrates the first situation. It shows that releasing version R1.1 of an extended class replaces version R1.0 of that class in the containing application AppA. After R1.1 is released, when someone loads AppA, it has R1.1 in it--and not R1.0.
The types of components that you can release include the following:
Class versions
Application editions or versions
Subapplication editions or versions
Configuration map editions or versions
This chapter primarily covers releasing of classes and applications. Defining lineups for multiple platforms covers how to release prerequisite applications, subapplications, and configuration maps into more complex configurations called lineups.
Last modified date: 10/13/2017