Loading configuration map editions
Configuration maps are named groups of applications. Loading one into your image loads all application editions or versions contained in it. Loading a configuration map does not load a configuration map object into your image. After a configuration map is loaded, you deal directly with the applications it contains. Thus, configuration maps reside only in the library and never in your image.
To load a configuration map edition or version into your image, do the following:
1. Open a Configuration Maps Browser.
2. From the list of configuration maps, select the configuration map to be loaded.
3. From the list of editions, select the edition to be loaded.
4. From the Editions menu, select Load. The application editions or versions that have been released into the configuration map edition are loaded into your image.
If a configuration map has a valid lineup (one which evaluates to true in the current image) with required maps, the option Load With Required Maps is available. Selecting this option loads all the required maps for the correct lineup in the order in which they are specified. After all the required maps have been loaded, the configuration map edition is then loaded.
Required maps might load other required maps if they also have valid lineups that contain required maps. The progress of the entire operation is reported in the Transcript. If an edition of a configuration map is encountered more than once, it is ignored. If two or more different editions of a required map are to be loaded, the user is asked to confirm the load because the released required maps could be incorrect.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015