Smalltalk User Guide : Handling team software components : Loading other editions of components already loaded
Loading other editions of components already loaded
This chapter describes how to load another edition of a component already loaded in your image. Loading components from a library describes how to find and load new components from the development library.
The types of component editions or versions that you can load include the following:
Configuration maps
Loading component editions from a development library is more efficient than filing in code, which is the typical process for sharing Smalltalk code. The library contains all compiled code generated by your team.
Each load is atomic. This means that either the entire load succeeds, or the entire load fails. Non-atomic loads can break in the middle and load only parts of components, resulting in an inconsistent image. When this happens, you usually have to throw away the image, attempt to fix the error in the load, and start over again. Because loads in VAST Platform are atomic, there is less chance of your image becoming inconsistent.
If an error occurs and a debugger opens, exit your image. A failed load can cause your image to become inconsistent.
Last modified date: 04/19/2022