What is the VAST chunk format?
Whenever filing out or filing in code, you need to consider the code's format.
If filed-out code is in the VAST chunk format, then you can easily file it into a VA Smalltalk system. Both the VAST chunk format and the generic format chunk component definitions and source code. However, the VAST chunk format also adds chunks that describe the components' structure. Because of this added information, components filed out in the VAST chunk format, once filed in, more closely resemble the original components than do components filed out in the generic chunk format.
For both formats, one exclamation point (!) marks the end of a chunk. An exclamation point, a space, then another exclamation point (! !) mark the end of a file. During file-ins, your system executes the text between each exclamation point.
By default, a VA Smalltalk system files out components in the VAST chunk format. You can ensure that it does by evaluating the following expression before filing out components:
System genericFormat: false
When you file out components in the generic chunk format and then file them back in, you might find that the structure of your components changes. For example, private methods become public methods. To reset your system so it files out in the generic chunk format, evaluate the following:
System genericFormat: true
The following example illustrates the VAST chunk format.
Last modified date: 04/06/2020