Smalltalk User Guide : Handling software components : Filing out and filing in components
Filing out and filing in components
This chapter describes how to file out your classes, methods, and applications. You can file out to a directory on your workstation, to a floppy disk, or to a LAN. Filing out enables you to back up your work. It also provides a way to share your code with other developers.
This chapter also describes how to file in components. Filing in adds the contents of a file to your image. For the team environment, filed-in components are "owned" or "managed" by the image owner.
By filing out components to disk and then filing them into a different image, you can migrate your work between images. If you are migrating between the stand-alone and team environments, you use the File Out and File In options.
Filing out and filing in are similar to exporting and importing in the team environment. However, you should export and import whenever possible. Importing and exporting preserves your comments, queries, and all other information pertaining to your components.
Additionally, this chapter describes how to change your code using the File Out and File In options. An example shows how to rename a class or instance variable by changing filed-out code and then filing it back into an image.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015